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PRP Community Action Day gallery

Images from the Community Action Day with the Park Royal Partnership (PRP) in north-west London organised and led by Inspiracion

Volunteers from local businesses contributing their time and energy to improve local community organisations as part of the Park Royal Partnership Community Action Day.

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LSYF business planning session gallery

Images from the facilitated business planning sessions with London Somali Youth Forum (LSYF) in Kentish Town, London organised and led by Inspiracion

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Georgia’s Children of the World

Georgia’s Children of The World is a charity set up in memory of Georgia Louise Murray , an amazing young woman, with an incredible enthusiasm for life who cared deeply for others.

Georgia was born with a compiicated heart condition but lived a full and active life until complications in her third open heart operation tragically took this shining star at the age of 19 years in November 2010.

Family and friends were devastated by her loss and her father Steve Murray went off to travel the world with a close friend in to try to come to terms with his grief.

Upon his travels he came across a lot of poverty amongst many children of the world, and found a huge spiritual connection in Cambodia where he vowed to return to help in some kind of way…

In September 2011 a fund raiser was held in Georgia’s name (which has now become the annual G-Festival)  and on the 28th November 2011 Steve returned to Cambodia, with no idea of what the future would hold. On the 29th of November he posted these words on facebook …

“Both the future and the past exist only in our minds , and we must always keep those precious memories and hopes close to our hearts..but the only real time we have is now…Now is the time to do, Now is the time to believe, Now is the time to achieve…so do it now! … Do it with a smile because it feels good and helps others to see you… Driven by love , guided by Angels …this is your moment …”


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