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Monitoring and Evaluation

Inspiring others in the voluntary and community sector to sustainability

Inspiracion recognises the importance of being able to monitor and evaluate your projects and programmes in the most cost effective way.

Inspiracion are able to assist clients directly with the following monitoring and evaluation services:

  • Establishment of effective monitoring and record keeping systems to meet funders’ requirements

  • Mid-point and final evaluations of individual projects and programmes to meet funder requirements

  • Design and implementation of surveys and questionnaires for beneficiaries, staff and key stakeholders with a wide range of online tools

  • Design and implementation of monitoring and evaluation frameworks at a project and organisational level

  • Identification of lessons learnt and good practice with recommendations for improvement

  • Support and training for staff on evaluation and monitoring processes and systems

  • Effective and cost efficient evaluations of local, national and European funded programmes

  • Identification and implementation of online monitoring systems for continuous organisational improvement

Recent Assignments

Our most recent assignments and consultancy


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