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Organisational Review: Financial management

Good financial management ensures that charity trustees meet their legal duties to safeguard the charity’s assets. It enables staff and trustees to manage the charity’s finances and assets in a way that identifies and manages risk. Good financial management is vital to attracting funds and maximising a charity’s impact.

Below are some questions […]

Organisational Review: Planning, support and operating systems

An effective charity thinks and plans ahead and has appropriate systems to support this while at the same time retaining flexibility to adapt and change to changes in the internal and external environment.

Below are some questions to prompt you in your organisation’s review focusing on your charity’s planning, support and […]

Organisational Review: Charity Governance and Management

Keep your trustees, staff and volunteers on board with a regular review.

A well-structured and managed charity is an organisation with a Board of Trustees or management committee that understands its roles and responsibilities and acts in the “best interests” of the charity and its beneficiaries.

Below are some questions to prompt […]

Organisational Review: Your organisation’s activities and services

Ensure your charity’s day-to-day activities and services are running like a well oiled machine by reviewing it’s activities and services as part of an organisational review.

Below are some questions to prompt you in your organisation’s review focusing on your organisation’s activities and services:

  • Does the annual programme fit the strategy, […]

Organisational Review: Vision, Mission, Values and Strategic Aims

Are you on track to achieving your vision, mission, values and strategic aims and objectives.

A charitable organisation should be clear about its vision, mission, values and key strategic aims and objectives. In particular, how these will be achieved and the impact that this will have on the organisation’s beneficiaries.

Below are […]

New models of commissioning and procurement: What’s happening?

Management Development Network Event

Independent Trainers and Consultants for the Voluntary and Community Sector

Date: Tuesday 11 October 2016

Time: 11.00am to 4.00pm

Place: St. Alban’s Centre, Baldwin’s Gardens, London EC1N 7AB

A summary of the keynote speaker’s presentations and links to explore on their publications and reports.

Key speakers

Management Development Network members were pleased to be joined by […]