It’s not enough to be passionate about the work your charity does, you need to convey that passion to the world.

Your charity needs a planned, cost effective and measurable approach to communicate and market the activities and services it offers, as well as the impact it has on its beneficiaries.

Below are some questions to prompt you in your organisation’s review focusing on your charity’s communications and marketing:

  • Is there a communication or marketing strategy in place?
  • Are the marketing objectives SMART?
  • Do the trustees have a marketing person on board?
  • Has a sufficient budget been allocated for marketing?
  • Where does marketing sit within the strategic plan?
  • Is there a Charity prospectus?
  • Is there a clear identification of key target audience(s?)
  • Is there a strong customer focus?
  • Does the organisation have a strong visual identity?
  • Is the identity of the organisation consistently applied across all communications materials?
  • Is there evidence of an integrated use of communications and marketing tools to maximise the use of resources and strength of communications messages?
  • Are key communications messages in existence and are there strong links between messages and the charity’s mission?
  • Does the organisation make effective and appropriate use of advertising, exhibitions, events, sponsorship, corporate Identity, sales promotion, electronic Communications, website, e-zines, direct mail, social media, publicity and publications, public relations?
  • Is there a portfolio of products and services that have a direct relevance to the charity’s core business?
  • Is the charity’s communication and marketing activity supported by a database?
  • Is there enough knowledge and understanding in the organisation to carry out effective marketing?
  • What networking is undertaken and by whom?
  • What marketing materials are there?
  • How clear and easy to use is the website?

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