Reach new heights with your charity’s fundraising and income generation.

Charitable organisations need to have a planned and manageable strategy to fundraising and income generation that fits with their mission, vision and values.

Below are some questions to prompt you in your organisation’s review focusing on your charity’s fundraising and income generation:


  • Is there a business plan and Fundraising strategy agreed by Trustees and is there evidence of its implementation?
  • Does the fundraising strategy balance short term and long term funding requirements? Does it fit the profile of the organisation and its funding requirements?
  • Does the funding and resourcing of the organisation take into consideration cash funding (grants, loans and other sources of financing); in kind support and volunteering?
  • Who is doing the fundraising? Is it given enough of a priority? Do they have the right skills?
  • Are there systems in place to monitor fundraising targets and performance?
  • Are the key target groups for donors recognised and pursued?
  • Is there a process for generating, evaluating and implementing new initiatives?
  • Is there efficient database or supporter record system in existence?
  • Is the organisation active in their fundraising?
  • Do they have subscriptions to online fundraising databases?
  • Does their fundraising have a strong ‘customer focus’?
  • Are there members of staff who are members of the Institute of Fundraising?
  • Do staff receive formal training in fundraising or have an awareness of fundraising ethics and principles?
  • Is your charity aware of the implications of legislation and how they affect fundraising and income generation i.e. the Charities Act and SORP?
  • What is the quality of recent applications for funding? Is your charity using full-cost recovery to ensure all in direct costs are supported?
  • Is Gift Aid routinely implemented on donations?
  • Are the benefits of gift aid actively promoted on all fundraising and general literature?
  • Is there evidence of other schemes including payroll giving; legacies and share giving?

Income Generation


  • What opportunities are there for further income generation?
  • Are there enough resources to sustain this?
  • How might they be funded?
  • How could the charity diversify, maximise or add leverage to its existing fundraising?

Trading activities:

  • If considering trading, do they understand the implications of this?
  • Does the constitution allow for permanent trading activities?
  • Does the charity Board have the power to amend its constitution to enable permanent trading activities?
  • What levels and types of ‘primary purpose trading is the organisation undertaking? Are there untapped possibilities the organisation has not considered?
  • Does turnover fall below agreed Inland Revenue limits
  • Is there evidence of ‘occasional trading’?
  • What levels and types of non-primary purpose trading is the organisation undertaking?
  • Does the organisation have a ‘trading arm’ or not-for-profit trading entity?
  • Does the organisation generate income from property?
  • Is the organisation using e-commerce and schemes such as affiliate marketing, online auctions and stockless selling?
  • Is there evidence of strategic business units for income generation?
  • If products and services are charged for, has the cost of these been considered and is this accurately accounted for?

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