Good financial management ensures that charity trustees meet their legal duties to safeguard the charity’s assets. It enables staff and trustees to manage the charity’s finances and assets in a way that identifies and manages risk. Good financial management is vital to attracting funds and maximising a charity’s impact.

Below are some questions to prompt you in your organisation’s review focusing on your charity’s financial management:

Financial management:

  • Are robust systems and procedures in place for internal financial control and the protection of funds in accordance with charity commission guidelines?
  • Are financial planning and budgeting processes in place and communicated to Board and staff who will input into and review these processes?
  • What financial planning and budgeting processes are in place and how are these agreed?
  • How often are Management Accounts or cash flow forecasts prepared, what do they contain, who sees them and how are they acted upon?
  • Is income adequate to allow realistic forward planning and investment?
  • Is flexible planning and capacity in place to work within income variations?
  • Is there an appropriate and realistic reserves policy?
  • Are investment policies articulated, followed and reviewed regularly?
  • How well presented are the latest set of annual accounts? What do they tell you about the health of the organisation?
  • Is the organisation aware of SORP requirements?
  • Is the organisation aware of and using full-cost recovery to ensure in-direct costs are met?
  • Is there a suitable Fundraising and Administration as a percentage of Charitable Expenditure (FACE) ratio?
  • Is there a clear audit report?
  • Are budgets prepared and monitored by those responsible for spending or raising them?
  • Are regular monthly reports on activity and variances on budget provided to budget holders in a format which facilitates effective management?
  • How many cheque signatories are there (normally minimum of two) and who are they?

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