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Sindicato Obrero Canario

Sindicato Obrero Canario (SOC) is the local trade union for the Canary Islands, Spain. http://www.sindicatoobrerocanario.org/

Somali Community Centre

Somali Community Centre provides information, advice, advocacy and outreach services to the Somali speaking community in Camden and surrounding areas. www.somalicentre.org

Somali Supplementary Schools Association

Somali Supplementary Schools Association (SSSA) supports a network of supplementary schools for young Somali people. SSSA also helps to develop new ones and look at long-term sustainability of the schools and aims to raise the [...]

Somali Youth Development Resource Centre

Somali Youth Development Resource Centre (SYDRC) was established in September 2000 as a federation of 5 main Somali organisations in the London borough of Camden. www.sydrc.org

Soomaal Education & Development Agency Camden

Soomaal Education & Development Agency Camden (SEDAC) seeks to improve career prospects of people disadvantages in the labour market by helping them develop skills, experience and confidence in order to increase employability and to progress [...]

Stuart Low Trust

The Stuart Low Trust mission is to ensure that local people, especially those experiencing social isolation or mental distress, have access to the range of facilities they need to successfully manage their lives. www.slt.org.uk  

Sudanese Women’s Association

Sudanese Women's Association is a non-profit organisation established primarily to serve Sudanese women and children in exile, to relieve poverty, preserve culture, and improve the opportunities and future prospects of Sudanese women and children, and [...]

West Euston Partnership

A well established partnership of community, voluntary, public and private sector organisations working together to make change happen in areas of social and economic need. www.westeustonpartnership.co.uk